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Simple, easy, highly reliable hosting packages to meet your business needs including a full range of industry-leading products which benefit your projects without compromising on security. Find the perfect Hosting Package for You. Optimised Hosting with everything you need to run your site or blog. UK-based tech support. Email for more details and pricing.


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Web Design

Uncomplicated websites that are user-friendly, sleek and  straightforward. Whether you’re after a new website or a fresh coat of paint on an existing website, there are many features to choose from to represent you and your business. Once approved by you we launch it. Of course, it goes through a few tests first to make sure it’s working across all devices, then it’s all yours! (We can host it too.)

Copy Editing

You’ve got the words, you just need someone to polish them up and get them reader-ready, and I am just the Grammarista to do it! I take mistakes, typos, misspellings, and other errors in speech or writing and turn it into great copy you will be proud of, helping your print or digital project align with your goals so you can get on with managing & marketing your business. Send your brief to get started.

Bree was and is an inspiration to work with, surpassing our expectations and her professional approach to our website construction has encouraged us to develop our digital marketing strategy even further for Efford Nursery.
Efford Nursery
Karl Ducker
Owner/Nurseryman, Efford Nursery
We were looking for a new website for our small company, Sion Davies Farrier Services. We needed a professional, informative and eye-catching website – and that’s exactly what we got from Luminosity.Digital. I cannot recommend Bree enough, her knowledge and attention to detail made us feel confident that we had chosen the right person to give us the website we wanted.
Michelle Saward
Sion Davies Farrier Services Ltd.
I’ve worked with Bree since starting my business four years ago [using another web designer]. She’s the reason why people tell me my site comes across as professional. As Charms4U is a very personalised business it has and still is a challenge to convey in a snapshot what it’s all about. Bree’s always listened to me, appreciated what I’m trying to do, and has the patience of a saint and the technical ability to bring it altogether. What more could we ask of a web designer.
Debbie Craig
Owner, Charms4U